• How to gift in fortnite?

    Many phenomenal games have enabled the gifting option which is now also available in Fortnite. Battle royal option is also enabled now. This system and upgradations shall be available by this time to many of the players. Now users can dive into the game and send the cosmetics to any of the other users they want. There is also a separate item shop available from which the player can choose and send the gifts to other players. However, there is a certain procedure which the player should follow before sending the gifts. The first and foremost procedure that a player should do is to have an account in the epic game mode.

    Important steps to be followed before sending gifts

    Two-Factor authentication should be passed by the user. The gifts can be sent to the friends who have been on the friends' list of the player for at least 48 hours. There are also certain limits when sending the gifts to the friends as only three gifts can be sent per day. There is also a restriction on how much gifts can a single player receive. Sending gifts to friends is really a simple task in fortnite. There are a whole lot of items in the gift lists. You can choose any one as buy gift to select that one.

    Now the player has to after choosing the gift the next step is to select the recipient for whom the gift should be sent. The gifts you have selected will appear in the send gifts list. The gifts available in your locker cannot be sent to your friends. The one important thing about these gifts is that they can be redeemed or they are not refundable. Once the gift is sent it cannot be retrieved. The last time where the fortnite enable the gift sending option was in the year 2018. This year has been very interesting for the players at this time the gift option has been enabled very soon at the beginning of the year. The game allows the players to gift to other friends before the end of the feature. The game has not yet announced when it will end the feature in the system.

    Any item available from the gift shop list can be gifted to the friends you want. The fortnite gift sending option is available for only a limited period of time. When the gift is purchased the amount will be deducted from your account and the gift will be directly sent to your friend's account. The gifts you want to send can be made even more special by sending them a small note along with the gift. When you purchase a gift it will ask you an option to keep it for yourself or to send it for another person. If you choose to keep the gift for yourself then it cannot be sent to your friend. 

    The trading limitations of this game are quite similar to the Pokémon go. However, in the real gaming world, the limitations are less here. In this holiday season, players can make use of these fortnite gifts and save some money. 

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